Glocal Cast
GlocalCast provides business solutions for entertainment professionals, and non-professionals. As a division of Amaze Pictures, we are a global and domestic provider of recruiting and management services. We unite talent, parents of talent, crafts and services, agents, casting directors, film directors, location managers and film directors under one cost effective umbrella. More than 65% of filmmaking is internationalised, and co-produced. This produces a high demand for onsite talent, and related facilities. GlocalCast secures, merges and manages multi-national and multi-disciplined film industry personnel, from project concept through post production. GlocalCast showcases the world.

Non-professional Talent
Personal and out of pocket costs for media production, self-promotion, getting in front of the right people and making the rounds are prohibitive, often emotionally draining, sometimes demeaning, and always time-consuming. Many talented people burn-out, during the process of locating entry into a creative career. GlocalCast offers a sound and aggressive solution. New and emerging talent from around the world may set-up a free showcase account, inclusive of a personal profile, an industry standard resume, and an unlimited number of photographs, sample video and voice-over reels. The showcase is not available to the general public. Only registered agencies, casting directors and directors may search for and review non-professional pro-files. All communication between talent and decision-makers is private, and lim-ited by the terms and conditions of professional GlocalCast membership. Intelligent exposure and merchandising is everything.
Professional Talent
Professional talent without contracted industry representation may establish a GlocalCast membership. They may manage their own profile, and directly submit their candidacy for domestic and international projects. Professional talent profiles will be shown at the top of search hierarchies, during searches conducted by film and casting directors. They may also receive direct invitations from talent agencies. GlocalCast increases professional viabilities.

Agents and Agencies
Agents and talent agencies are encouraged to enroll, and utilise our service. Upon confirmation of professional status and account activation, agents may advertise their services, and add their client database to GlocalCast’s talent pool. Agents may also search GlocalCast’s projects database, non-represented professionals and non-professional talent databases. GlocalCast will compile and transmit a daily report, to all registered agents and agencies. The document will contain talent matches, for projects planned, published, or underway. The talent authority may directly contact suitable candidates. GlocalCast services for agents and talent agencies are free.

Casting Directors and Directors
GlocalCast registered directors may create projects, and search characters for them. Their projects and role searches will be published and matched to all talent registered with GlocalCast. Directors may also search talent, and invite candidates for audition. GlocalCast services for directors are free.

Talent younger than eighteen must be enrolled and represented by a parent or guardian. GlocalCast membership may be non-professional and free, or professional and paid.